Knock knock

Who's there


Axolotl who?

you sure do Axolotl questions.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

I kept asking the aquarium owner about the walking fish.

He said 'you axolotl questions!'

What’s the most curious creature?

An axolotl
Because they ax o lot ol questions

My friend has an introvert amphibian as a pet.

Whenever we hang out it never axolotl question.

How did the salamander learn so much?

He would always axolotl questions

What do you call an inquisitive amphibian?

One that axolotl questions

So, a man with a baby newt on his head walks into a barber's...

And says, "Short back and sides, axolotl off the top."

What did the quiet Mole Salamander say to the talkative Mole Salamander?

"You sure do Axolotl questions"

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