Why can’t ghosts have babies?

cause they have halloweenies.

aka. my favorite joke in seventh grade.

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cent, considering to run for office. His first campaign slogans released.

Change we can believe in! The change we need!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A foreigners understanding of Romney - aka homeless people around the world

A homeless man is sitting in London, spreading shit on a piece of bread and the Prime Minister walks by and says: „Oh, you are so poor, have some money.” A homeless man is sitting in Moscow, spreading shit on a piece of bread and Medvedev walks by and says: „Oh, you are so poor, have some meal tick...

A pop star who summons ghosts, AKA...


A woman was seated next to President Coolidge (aka “silent Cal”) at a dinner party.

“I bet my friend that I would be able to get more than two words out of you tonight,” she said.

“You lose,” he replied.

Something that happened to me in real life which is really funny.

So one day i was going for a movie. It was me and my friends. Some other random dude came into the lift. He pressed "g" aka ground floor and then i asked him why he pressed g because we were on the ground floor. He replied by saying "Because g means go".

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Pretty meta bro

Cake day posts are annoying and uncreative, so many people make anti cake day posts. These can be just as bad, and are only rarely funny if they are posted on the poster's cake day, (aka: anti cake day cake day posts). This possess a bit of a conundrum, as here in Reddit, we make fun of things, but ...

Think about this

AKA is also known as also known as

How to name a virus... WHO version:

WHO HQ in 2003:
: There’s a new type of corona virus outbreak in Guangdong province in China.
: Let's call it Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome aka SARS.
: Excellent name. It does not refer to any specific location or people. So no one will be blamed or feared for it.

Also WHO ...

I need your hilarious minds.

Help me come up with a funny thing to dress up as for a party that’s themed “be my date on this date”. AKA, dress up as a day of the year or holiday. Fave idea so far is going as a box for boxing day.

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This is a true story:

Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn! I just left the Mobil (gas station). I pulled up to get some gas and saw two police officers looking at a woman smoking while pumping gas. I'm like really look at this shit! And the police looked like they were thinking the same thing! So I go in to pay for the gas n grab s...

Celebrating Good Friday by honoring Jesus

aka doing the same thing he did today and hanging with my Bros.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Peter and his grandfather are looking down at their town...

And Peter points to this cluster of houses. "You see those houses, grandpa? I built those. But do people call me Peter the House Builder? No..."

Then he points to the church in the middle of town. "And that church. I built that. And do people call me Peter the Church Builder? No..."



aka female private investigator

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