Herds of wild horses roam the banks of narrow Norwegian inlets.

The majestic Fjord Mustangs.

Why did the thoroughbred break up with the wild horse?

Because she was looking for a stable relationship.

A guy walks into a bar

With both arms and a leg broken, a concussion and multiple wounds all over his body.
As he joins his friends at the table one of them asks:
-“Dude what happen to you?! You look terrible”
-“You’ll never believe it” he said. “See this broken leg? A bear did this!!”
“Wow, and your arms an...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why do you ask?

One day a young Pawnee boy came into the chiefs teepee. The chief sat there like a stone as his eyes focused on the boy.

Clearly the boy was troubled but very intent on his purpose.

The chief stayed still until finally the young boy has the nerve to speak. "Wizened one, where do our ...

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