Q: What is vulcanized rubber?

A: Spock’s birth control.

I once knew a Vulcan who grew up in London

He had a Spockney accent.

So my rich brother in law bought a Jag. And one day while he was at a stop light

My destitute nephew, Ronnie, pulled up beside him in his 2003 Toyota. 

They are happy to see each other, the difference in wealth has never been an issue between them.

"How are you nephew?" say Mel “Have you seen my new Jag?"

"My that’s a fancy car, so let me ask you, what kind ...

Why doesn't Mr. Spock give hand jobs?

Because his Vulcan grip will make you limp.

If Mr. Spock uses a condom...

...does that make it vulcanized rubber?

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

(long) An oldy but goody! A horse was in a bar.

After about his seventh or eighth drink, the bum looks up from his glass on the bar and sees a horse standing next to him.

This would have struck him as odd, except that he was too drunk to notice anything out of the ordinary.

"Hey," he said to the bartender, "there's a horse sta...

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