Bird Joke

A bottle of water can't quench the thirst of a bird but Tou-can

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Joe the janitor reports for his first night of work at a funeral home.

One of his first tasks is to sweep and mop the embalming room floor while the embalmer is eating dinner. Joe is alone in the room, out of curiousness he looks under the sheet covering a corpse on the embalmers table. The body lays face down. With a giant cork protruding from the rectum. Joe taps on ...

A man was talking to a vampire at 11 PM

Man: so you disintegrate when you see the sun?

Vampire: yes.

Man: then how do tou survive in the moonlight?

Vampire: what?

Man: the moon is just reflecting off of the sun.

Vampire: ...

And that children, is why vampires don't exist.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Naughty Nuns

4 Nuns travelling in a car get into an accident and die.
They each arrive at the pearly gates where they are greeted by Saint Peter.
He tells them all that they've lived a good life and are welcome in but only if they honestly answer his question.

"Have you ever touched a penis since ...

What did the bird say when it was facing some competition?

Tou-can play it this game

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