We just renamed our cat to Ben-Hur

It used to be Ben until she had kittens.

Why does the left foot get all the blame if you're a poor dancer? "Oh, you have two left feet. Hur hur hur"

I guess it is #rightprivilege

Three children named Feather, Droplet, and Brick went to their mother to ask why they were named so.

Feather went to his mother and asked,"Mother, why is my name Feather?" And the mother replied,"because when you were born, a feather fell on your forehead." Satisfied, Feather went away.

After Feather, Droplet went to his mother and asked,"Mother, why is my name Droplet?" And the mother repli...

What did Emma Watson say when she fell over?

Ouch, I hur-my-nee

A cow gives birth to 4 cavles, and one day her oldest comes up and asks "Mother, why was I names 'Lotus'

The mother replies saying "Because when you were born, a lotus petal fell on your head". The next day, the mothers second oldest came up and asked why they were called Rose, and the mother replies "Because a rose petal fell on your head when you were born". Her third child asked why they were named ...

I try to remain impartial in chariot races but I have to admit...

I'm with Hur.

Reddit, what's a joke you ABSOLUTELY HATE but everyone else seems to love?

Mine is that old binary one -

"There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't."

Well DUR HUR HUR, congratulations on counting to two. Being a timid person, I just chuckle and seethe on the inside.

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