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YouTube rewind 2019

That's it, the whole fucking joke

What do you get when you rewind a country song?

You get your wife, your job, and your dog back.

If the Naruto runner isnt in rewind,


I rewinded my wedding tape today

it was wonderful, my wife was taking her ring off, leaving with her family...

Looking for r/Jokes Rewind 2018

All I can find here is 2015s jokes.

YouTube Rewind 2018 now has the most dislikes through YouTube history.

Just like they said,

We control rewind

I airplayed youtube rewind 2018 on my class apple TV

I got expelled for showing inappropriate material

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The Voodoo Dick

A man enters a sex shop, looking for a new toy to keep his wife busy while he goes on business trips. As a higher-up in his corporation, he tends to be away from home several times a month, and wants to ensure his wife stays faithful.

When he reaches the counter, he's shocked to see an old, w...

Everytime I see youtube rewind 2018 I feel better

Seeing the dislike count rising that is.

If you ever feel like you’ve failed, a lot of people dislike you, and your out of touch with the people who rely on you, just remember one thing:

YouTube Rewind 2018

Your mother is so old,

she rewinds the Netflix videos before logging out.

What do you call an excessively bullied child getting hate from everyone?

Youtube rewind.

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The family cow

A poor family had a cow. When the time came they were going to sell it and have money to prosper with. It was going to be worth a lot. But until then they replied on the milk.

One day the farmer woke up and seen the cow was mutilated. Blood and guts everywhere. He freaked out knowing that thi...

What hotel did Blockbuster rent for their corporate retreats?

Hotel Rewind-a.

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