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Best dad joke I ever came up with: What do you call a resistor that doesn't work?


Someone should make an electronics shop that sells resistors and call it:

The Ohm Depot

What did the resistor say to the capacitor after he beat him in a game?

I ohmed you!

(my 10 year came up with this when I was teaching him soldering)

What is a resistors favorite breakfast?

An Ohm-let

What did the physicists say when he accidentally broke his resistor?

Ω my ghosh

What does the electron say to the resistor?

Ohm my god you're impeding me. *initiate knee slap

Girls are like resistors...

The more resistance they have, the hotter they are.

Why did Mr. Ohm marry Mrs. Ohm?

Because he couldn't resistor...

Happy Dad's Day!

I was told I would never become anything

So I became a resistor

I have zero potential

Why was there a spark between Frankenstein and his bride?

He couldn’t resistor!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My new sex robot works great

I can’t resistor

Which electronic component do cops hate?


Why did the diode kiss the capacitor?

He couldn't resistor.

Why don't electrical engineers get girls?

Because they can resistor.

Ohm's Girlfriend was a vixen

He couldn't resistor

I just fell in love with a girl who builds circuit boards for a living...

I just couldn't *resistor.*

I couldn't help but say "*Ohm* my word, you're gorgeous!"

We talked for a while, had quite an *amp-*le conversation.

We eventually went to get lunch and took her *volts-*wagon.

*Current-*ly, I'd say this relationship is working out well.

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