What's more inbred than English monarchs?


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I have a friend from [insert inbred town here]

I have a friend from Norfolk [or insert another inbred town here] who can count all of their sexual relationships on one hand.

Three cousins, two Aunties and their Mum.

90% of dogs in Korea are inbred...

I'm assuming that means like in a sandwich or something.

You're so inbred that you're basically a sandwich.

That's all, that was the joke. Sorry. Heard it from a cousin, probably not original.

I met a brother and sister from Alabama the other day. I swear, if they were any more inbred...

They would be a sandwich.

Did you know that 90% of all dog in South Korea are inbred?

Most commonly it's whole wheat or rye

What do you call an inbred pig?

A hotdog.

What type of dogs are inbred?


Subway is opening a sandwich making college in Alabama.

Everyone there is already great at making things inbred.

What type of dog suffers from being inbred?

A hotdog

So McDonalds now have ‘The Alabama Chicken’

Even the chicken is inbred

If people from Alabama were any more inbred

They would be sandwiches.

If Joffrey Baratheon was anymore inbred...

he'd be a sandwich.

Why do rednecks love sandwiches?

Because they're inbred too.

I like my cousins like my ham


What does yeast and my sister have in common.

They're both inbred.

What's the difference between a raisin and a pothead from Alabama

One's baked in bread, and the other's a baked inbred.

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What do butter and Alabama kids have in common?

They’re both inbred

Why do rednecks make the best bakers?

Cuz they’re inbred.

What do they call it in Alabama when you wake up and eat out your sister?

Breakfast inbred.

What are the similarities between the royal family and yeast?

There both inbred.

What's the difference between America and Europe?

In America, we call our inbred hillbillies.

In Europe, they call them royals.

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Three men are captured by a group of Cannibals.

The men are tied up and brought before leader of the cannibals. The leader says to the men "My people are hungry, but I will let you make your case. Then I will decide your fate."

The first man, hair slicked back and dressed in an expensive suit, begins, "I am very wealthy, and I have founded...

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Since is translate your national jokes day here it goes: a romanian one.

Bula is at school, the teacher enters the class and starts calling pupils to see who is missing:







Behind the class George starts laughing.

"What's so funny George?"

"Miss! If you chan...

What do rednecks and sandwich meat have in common?

They are both inbred.

Goodbye Ginger Bread Man,

long live the Ginger Inbred Boy

Why does the Pillsbury doughboy have so many health problems?

He's inbred.

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How are peanut butter and jelly related?

They're inbred

I've heard that people in the South think everything is better in sandwich form.

Those inbreds.

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I read an article that said "there have been no reported glueten allergies in the state of West Virginia"

I thought it was inbred?

Why are gluten-free children so healthy?

Because they're not inbred.

What do yeast and a redneck have in common?

They're both usually found with beer and inbred.

-&y (written by moi)

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Why do hamburgers and hot dogs fuck their cousins?

Because they're inbred!

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