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Alabama is canceling home schooling.

Apparently too many teachers were having sex with the students.

A boy comes home school and proudly tells his dad, "I made a girl laugh today."

His dad says "Well, looks aren't everything."

What's the difference between home school and regular school in the US?

The body count.

As a kid growing up I'd always get bullied, every morning they'd spit in my food and call me names.

Man, I hated being home schooled.

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There once was a child born missing an eye...

At birth the doctors decided it best to give the child a wooden eye until the family could afford to get the baby a nice glass eye.

Sadly the family could never afford it. And the boy was bullied a lot in school over it and eventually was taken out and home schooled. Everywhere he went he had...

Maybe it takes a village to raise a child...

I know it takes a vineyard to home school them.

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I just found out my teenage son had sex with his teacher, and I am furious.

I should have never agreed to home schooling.

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I lost my virginity during English class...

I hated being home schooled.

social distancing is great, public school shootings are down 100%

Unfortunately home school shootings are up 100%

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First Time Teacher

Day 1 of home schooling

0800  opened school website to get assignments.

0900  found where assignments were hidden on the website.

0915  called school to have the website explained.

0930  called school again.

0945  Had wife call school ...

I bumped into my old teacher and was sad when she didn't recognize me

I was home schooled.

I just saw my high school teacher the other day and she didn't remember who I was......

I was home schooled :(

I've slept with every school teacher I've ever had.

Yep, home schooling has its perks.

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I finally had sex with my teacher today!

This has been something I’ve always had a fetish for, though, everyone I’ve told so far has called me a sicko and weird.

Well gtg study for my test tomorrow, but lucky for me it’s at the end of the day. Being home schooled is very convenient.

Good, bad, worse

Good: I slept with my teacher after prom last night.
Bad: I was home schooled.
Worse: by my dad.

I have a crush on my teacher AND on the girl sitting next to me

It's getting so bad, I may fail out of home school.

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A friend was bragging that he shagged his math teacher....

..but he was home schooled!

I was tucking my son in last night, and he tells me that his teacher is "an idiot" and she's "out to get him."

Which is just the last thing you want to hear when your kid's home schooled.

Hot teachers

Me: Man, I had some hot teachers growing up.

My friend: Ya, me too!

Me: My 5th grade teacher was banging! How about you

My friend: When I look back, my 1st grade teacher was really hot

Me: Wait, werern't you home schooled in first grade?

My friend: . . .

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