Why North Korea falling in love with South Korea?

Because South Korea has a beautiful Seoul

The chances of a kidnapped person falling in love with his/her kidnapper is about 8%

The chances of someone falling in love with me just went from 0% to 8%

They should make a movie about two computers falling in love.

And it should be called ROM-com.

I regret falling in love with my British girlfriend.

You give your heart to her and she Brexit into a million parts.

Falling in love is like eating paint chips.

Things might look pretty now, but in time you're going to feel dumb.

I think my optometrist is falling in love with me...

Every time I leave his office he hands me a sample of contact solution and says, "Eye care for you"

Netflix's latest movie.

Netflix have released a powerful new film set in the 18th century about a princess who's cursed by non-stop menstruation . The witch who cursed her says she has before the age of 21 to lift the curse by falling in love.

Honestly, it's a fantastic period drama.

What is a New Zealanders favourite love song?

I cant help falling in love with ewe..

Date night

This couple who will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this Friday were talking over dinner tonight.

Wife: honey, our 20th anniversary is this Friday. Why don't we do something to help spice up our marriage a bit.

Husband: like What?

Wife: well, why don't we go to a bar and...

I was talking to my brother yesterday

He is a grown man but still spends every single minute on a stupid videogame. He claims our old Nintendo Entertainment System is still the coolest thing in the world, mainly because we painted ours completely black for a better look.

Yesterday I visited my parents' house. My brother said the ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man has been fucking his favorite goat

For the past couple months he's been falling in love and fucking his favorite goat from the herd. One day he decides to finally bring the goat into his home.

He shows the goat around the house for awhile and decides to show the bedroom where his wife is resting. The man drags the goat up the...

Two antennae...

One day, Two antennae on opposite sides of the roof meet each other. They get to know one another real well, end up falling in love, and eventually decide to marry. The wedding wasn't anything special, but the reception was amazing!!!

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