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Self deprecating romanian humor

Three explorers are caught by a savage tribe and brought before the chief. An american, a romanian and a russian.

chief says "we've had a good hunt so we won't eat you outright, but instead, for the tribe's benefit we will offer you three ways out: pay 100$, take a good beating or eat a bucke...

I thought this sub could use a little more self-deprecating humor...

... too bad I suck at telling jokes.

It's okay if you don't like self-deprecating humor.

You don't have to be hard on yourself.

(I'm pretty sure I just wrote that joke today. Though, I am a firm believer that no thoughts are original.)

I heard that people like self deprecating jokes

Too bad I am not good at them

I enjoy self-deprecating humour a lot.

Iโ€™m just not very good at it.

Iโ€™m done making self deprecating jokes!

Iโ€™m not funny enough anyway.

I like making self-deprecating jokes.

You should know, they are not that great.

I always like to finish my conversations with a self-deprecating joke... me.

I love making self-deprecating jokes because they're so easy to make

The only thing easier is me

What's the worst part about a self-deprecating joke?

I'm too stupid to make one.

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Wanna hear a self deprecating joke?

I think gays are stupid.

How many idiots does it take to tell a self-deprecating joke?

Just me

Everyone says I'm best at self deprecating humor

But I don't think it's very good

Self-deprecating humour is the lowest form of entertainment.

And I can't even get *that* right.

The opposite of self-deprecating humor is accounting

Instead of making jokes at your own expense, you makes jokes about other people's expenses.

I donโ€™t find self-deprecating humor funny anymore.

I guess my sense of humor is as boring and worthless now as the rest of my personality always has been

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The difference between self-defecating and self-deprecating humor is that...

One you shit yourself and the other you shit on yourself

I hope you don't like self-deprecating humor. I'm terrible at it.

^ Came up with this while trying to think of witty opening lines for tinder. It didn't make the cut. Thought Reddit might like it though.

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I'm a huge fan of self-deprecating humor...

Maybe its because I'm a piece of shit.

People tell me to stop self-deprecating

Haha... more like self-defecating

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Us Brits are usually really good at self-deprecating comedy.

But I'm shit at it.

Ah, I love self-deprecating humor.

That's one more thing that won't love me back.

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Hey baby, if you like self-deprecating guys with crippling neuroses...

...then I'd probably still find a way to fuck this up.

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I've always wanted to pursue a career in self-deprecating humor

I'd go for it if I wasn't so fucking stupid.

What did the self-deprecating Indian say about his car?

"It has Injun problems."

I was told I make "too many jokes" about my self, and that the value of my humor is "depreciating"

I said "it's pronounced deprecating"

How would you describe a ninja who is always critical about their own abilities?


I ask my girlfriend what lottery I won to deserve her.

Her(self deprecating as always): the dollar scratch off!

What kind of jokes would a depressed elf tell?


Hits a bit too close to home

My favorite type of humor is self deprecating. That way nobody I care about gets hurt.

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