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If I were a flower, I’d be a dandelion

Because I was created for you to blow me

Teacher: Use the word Dandelion in a sentence

Jamaican Student: Da Cheetah is faster Dandelion

One time in English Class our teacher asked us to make a sentence with the word “Dandelion”.

Carl says “The dandelion is beautiful.”
The Jamaican Transfer Student then says “The cheetah is faster DanDeLion.”

Teacher : " Can someone make a sentence using the word 'dandelion' ?

Leroy : " Da cheeta is fasta dandelion" .

What do u call a dandelion that used to be a rose?

A transplant

Roses are red, Violets are red, Tulips are red, Dandelions are red

The tape around my house is yellow

My African brother, fastuh dandelion died recently.

He wasn't faster than the lion.

Did you hear about the dandelion that’s saying it’s a rose?

Turns out, it’s a transplant

I asked an African man to use the word dandelion in a sentence

His response was "da cheeta runs fasta dan de lion"

Dandelions are like the homeless people of the flower world.

Give them a little crack and a bit of water and they can thrive anywhere.

I got attacked by a giant dandelion earlier...

So I blew its head off.

My dad always said girls are like dandelions

They're fun to blow

A man can’t decide what to get his girlfriend, a florist, for her birthday.

He goes all around town in search for a gift when he discovers a lovely garden of flowers. Because his wife loves flowers, he decides to pick out a lovely bouquet of daisies, roses and dandelions. The garden is empty and lifeless when he leaves that day.

When the day of his girlfriend’s birt...

Knock knock

A: Who's there?
B: Dandelion.
A: Dandelion who?
B: The cheetah runs faster dandelion.

Food for thought

Whenever you blow a dandelion, you actually give it a bj since you help it to get rid of its seeds

A professor in South Africa is teaching her students how to form Emglish sentences.

“Attention class I have two words: Cheetah, and dandelion. Can anybody use these together in a sentence?”

One student raises their hand,

“The cheetah is faster dandelion.”

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I Forget the Name

Two elderly men are conversing and drinking wine while their wives prepare dinner in the kitchen. As the discussion begins to dwindle, Tom and Norman decide to delve into their limited pop culture knowledge.

"Well now, Tom," says Norman, "me and Carolyn tuned into one of those nightly talk s...

Three kids are in a park with their father

The first child approaches the father and asks,
"Dad, why am I named Dandy?"

Father responds,
"Because a dandelion fell on your head when you were born."

Second kid comes up and asks
"Dad, why am I named Rose?"

Dad responds,
"Because a rose fell on your ...

What's the difference between a weed and a lion in drag?

One is a dandelion and one is a dandy lion!

So the girl walks up to her mom and asks...

"Mom why am I named leaf?"

Her mom answers, "you see, when I first held you at the hospital, a leaf flew in through a small gap in the window and gently landed on your head! It also matched your brown eyes, so it was decided."

Hearing this, the girls´ younger brother walks up to his mo...

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A young boy holding a tiger lily walks past an old man on a porch......

.......and the old man says "Where you going son?" The boy replies "I'm gonna' catch a tiger! Wanna come?" The old man scoffs and says "No thanks." An hour later the boy walks back by dragging a tiger and the old man is amazed.

The next day the same boy walks past the old man, boy holding a d...

George visits an isolated village

As he walks down the street he sees three children playing. He is inspired by their happiness, approaches them and asks for their names. "Sunflower", says the freckle-faced girl. "Sunflower?", asks the man, "Why would that be your name?" - "It is said that when I was born, a sunflower fell on my hea...

There once was a big, strong bull...

There once was this big, strong bull. Had a ring in his nose, big horns and he went by the name of Hannibal. He had a field to himself with green grass, small dandelions and a fence. One day, the farmer brings some pretty cute cows and puts them in the field next to Hannibal.

So the bull wal...

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A bored man on a train...

A bored man on a train walks up to 3 people sitting next to each other. Deciding to troll them, he says to the first guy, "Hey, what's your favorite flower?" "A rose," the first man says. The troll says, "Oh, we wipe our ass with that flower in my country." He asks the next man the same question."A ...

The housemaid has some bad and good news.

A housemaid calls her boss and says "I've got some good and bad news"

"Well give me the bad news first"

"Your dog died"

"My dog died! When did that happen?"

"After the horse kicked it"

"Well why in the world did the horse kick it?"

"Because the stables were ...

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