What is the most common line you will read in a British museum?

"Made in Egypt."

When the curator of The British Museum was asked how they felt about exotic & foreign art exhibitions, he replied...

We could take them or leave them

What’s the least British thing in a British Museum?

The Exhibits

My son just had his first day at the British Museum, his first task was to guard a multi million pound glass vase...

Apparently he said he smashed it!

The only reason there are pyramids in Egypt

is because they are too heavy to be carried to the British Museum

What's something that feels British but isn't?

The contents of the British Museum

Dinosaur Age

There is a dinosaur in the British museum that is 3 million and 24 years old.

I know this because when I visited it 24 years ago, it was 3 million years old.

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