What's the worst part about Ad Blockers?

Suddenly, there's no more hot moms in my area who want to meet up anymore

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I was desperate and I couldn't get a date with a girl to save my life until...

I swiped right on a blind date, a profile picture. She asked me to pick her up, so i did, but I wasn't expecting much. I went up to the door expecting 400 lbs of desperation, but she answer the door 5 foot 2 with baby blue eyes, strawberry blonde curls and all the right curves in all the right place...

Stephen Hawking - "The doctors finally removed my pop up blocker"

"Now I can finally get an erection"

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Bruce Banner is the greatest cock blocker ever known.

Let Hulk smash!

I disabled my popup blocker earlier today...

...or as some people call it, got a divorce.


Should be called ADD blocker.

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What's the opposite of a cock blocker?

A Rooster Booster

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(NSFW) Since I got ad-blocker, less women in my area want to have sex with me.

Obviously, ad-blocker is a huge turn off.

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You don't see a lot of chickens in Cubism

I guess no one likes a Cock Blocker.

What is the biggest problem with capitalism?


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Stephen Hawkins dick joke

The smartest man in the world literally went onto a stage and said
I can now get erections, the doctors disabled my pop up blocker

Stephen Hawking diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

It was easy to fix, they just uninstalled his pop-up blocker.

OMG!! I used to be SOOOOOOO popular with the local ladies!!!

THen I got ad-blocker

Why don't neckbeards hit on people with heart conditions?

Because people with heart conditions take beta-blockers.

Ads can get you laid

Cuz when I turned on Ad blocker, all the women in my area who were interested in me suddenly disappeared.

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If South Carolina is the Game Cocks

Their offensive line would be the cock blockers

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