What is a satyrs favorite dessert?

Pan-an Cotta

What do you call a mockery of a Jewish goat mans dinner?

A Satire Satyr Seder

Did you know mythological creatures have their own dentist's office?

It's true, I saw it today and they were suuuuuuper busy! The waiting room was packed, and every time the orderly would come out to call in another patient, the half-man-half-horse would get all excited; "is it my turn now? oh, pick me, pick me!" and all that jazz. Of course, every time it was actual...

Why did no one believe a word the centaur said?

They thought it was satyr.

What's a demon's favourite kind of comedy?


I saw a cartoon portraying a politican like a goat

It was satyr.

What do you call a crude parody of goats?

A Satyr

What is a goat's favourite form of comedy?


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