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How many minimalists does it take to change a light bulb?


why do minimalists, and aspiring minimalists, bring lanterns on their travels?

Because they need to you to know that they're packing light :P

PSA: I'm starting a minimalist orchestra!

It's just like a regular orchestra but without the bells and whistles.
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What is a minimalist's worst nightmare?

A mansion.

What do you get a minimalist for their birthday?

You don't; you take some of *their* stuff.

Wanna hear a minimalist joke?

What's the difference between oranges?

I like minimalistic jokes


What do they say about a minimalist's yard sale?

Not a whole lot.

Gandhi was a well-traveled man..

Unfortunately, the majority of these travels were taken on foot, causing his feet to build up an incredible amount of hardened skin

To make things worse, his minimalist diet (and eventually his age) led him to become very frail.

In light of this, he still offered a surplus of insight t...

Berlin's Hottest Nightclub

A hot new nightclub, Integers, opened up in Berlin. The club's
advertising referenced the "infinite" amount of space on the inside, and its excellent location downtown. The walls were sleek and black, with purple house lights and an immaculate sound system. Drinks were all priced at whole dollar...

Is it possible to have the word ‘and’ five times in a row in an English sentence, while still being grammatically correct?

A man had just bought a pub, The Fox and Hound, and wanted a big new sign for it outside, so that potential customers would know that it was under new management and come a try it out.

So, he contracted a sign-maker to make the sign for him. A week later, the sign-maker came back to him with ...

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