Why doesn't DJ Khaled lose weight?

Becauses he never loses, he always wins.

"Dj Khaled, what are your thoughts on Palestinian rocket attacks?"


What is DJ Khaled's favorite number?

Eleven. Because it's a 1. And another 1.

Some people say DJ Khaled fell off

If he really had fallen off, we'd have felt it.

Why does DJ Khaled shout his name at the beginning of the songs he produces?

So you know that it's time to change the channel.

I hate puns about DJ Khaled

I can't bear to hear another one.

DJ Khaled's real name is Khaled Khaled.

His parents must have liked their last name so much they said "Another One"

DJ Khaled was featured in a Weight Watchers commercial for losing weight...

...He must have stopped eating out...

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled's full name is Khaled Ibn Abdul Khaled, so basically his name is Khaled Khaled.

When his mum named him, he was like another one.

How many pounds does DJ Khaled plan to lose with Weight Watchers?

Another one

What’s DJ Khaled say his favorite gaming system is?

Wii the best

How many DJ Khaled's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Doesn't matter, we're still gonna need anotha one.

DJ Khaled invented a weight loss app

Everytime you lose a pound, his voice comes on and says "Another one".

DJ Khaled was playing cards with his family.

And a mother won.

DJ Khaled has just declined a role in his upcoming biopic.

When asked about his decision, he was quoted to have said "never play yourself."

How many DJ Khaleds does it take to change a light bulb?

Another one.

One day, DJ Khalid’s son found a magical lamp...

One day, DJ Khaled’s son stumbled upon a magical lamp. After rubbing it, a mystical genie poured out of the stem and asked for boy what he wanted for his wishes. Knowing his father’s great love of music, the boy wished to become a keyboard, something Khaled enjoyed using for his music. “Granted”, sa...

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