Did you hear about the food fight at the local Chinese Restaurant?

Everybody was Kung Pao Fighting!

What do you call a food fight that's been going on for years?

A war of nutrition

The best part of getting a divorce is the food fight at the end

I love me a good old custardy battle

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

There was a food fight at the burger joint, but I didn't participate.

I had no beef in that fight.

My friend is holding a grudge after a food fight

He has a chip on his shoulder

Where do people settle food fights?

A food court

(Came up with this during lunch break)

I was the comedic host at a banquet for sword swallowers when a food fight broke out...

I killed!

Sorry, but I want no part in this food fight.

I’ve still got a chip on my shoulder after the last one.

Why don't Indians have food fights?

Because they're naan-violent

Q: How did the cannibal get caught at the wrestling match?

A: He yelled "Food fight!"

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