Where does Dorian Gray get his clothes?

Forever 21

I often wonder why hurricanes have names like Andrew, Elisa, Katrina, Dorian, Irma

Name a hurricane: Death Megatron 2000, they'll automatically evacuate from their

My goldfish are named Major, Minor, Dorian, Lydian and Diminished.

The only way I can tell them apart is by their scales.

If Hurricane Dorian becomes a major hurricane...

Will it be called Hurricane Mixolydian?

I love spoiling the plot of The Picture of Dorian Gray

Never gets old

It dawned on me in the shower that my ex gf must be related to hurricane Dorian. You've been waiting for them to come but they just keep gyrating until they exhaust themselves.

The worst though is when you see the video of them ravaging and gushing all over their previous fling, leaving you feeling completely inadequate and devastated.

Why do we like telling jokes about Dorian Grey?

Dorian Grey jokes never get old.

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, President Trump names a new Disaster Assistance Ambassador to The Bahamas. "He's the best. He'll do a great job, believe me." the President said.

Ja Rule reportedly accepted the position via Twitter.

Since Dorian refuses to move

Can we downgrade it to a Not-in-a-Hurricane?

You hear about the new drink called The Hurricane Dorian?

It's just a watered down Bahama Mama..

I took a picture of Hurricane Dorian

but it came out Grey.

Tinder Date: "Oh wow, you’re way better looking than in your profile pic."

Dorian Gray: "Yeah, I get that a lot actually."

What color were the skies over the Bahamas thus weekend?

Dorian Gray

If you live in Florida, make sure to take a black and white photo of the hurricane this weekend.

I'm not exactly sure why, but I've heard a lot of buzz about a picture of Dorian, grey. People seem pretty wilde about it.

I painted a picture of the overcast sky today.

I call it "A Portrait of Dorian Grey."

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