My wife accused me of being a cross dresser the other day...

So i packed her things and left

I met a cross dresser from the Greater Manchester area today.

He had a Wigan address.

What did the cross dresser do at Christmas?

Eat, drink and be Mary

This guy told me he is the fastest cross dresser in the world.

I said "Really?"

She said, "Yes."

Yesterday my friend came out as a cross dresser by wearing a mini skirt to his office party.

That showed a lot of balls.

after the invisible man had kids he became a cross dresser. You could say he was a...

trans parent

How long does it take a cross dresser to get to the ground if they jump out of a plane?

Depends on the drag coefficient

What do you call a cross dresser who's job is to travel from the UK to the US?


Why do cross dressers fall slowly?

Because of the drag.

Cross dressers are like complex films.

They might take more than one viewing to truly understand.

I've never seen a cross dresser.

But I've seen some very irritated credenzas,

I sat next to a girl

On the bus wearing a mini skirt. I asked her out and she turned me down. I guess she isn’t into cross dressers.

I replaced the handles on a chest of drawers with crucifixes.

Now it's a cross dresser.

Whenever my husband opens his wardrobe he shouts and curses.

I think he's a cross dresser.

I love showing up to religious conventions cosplaying as a crucified Jesus.

I'm a cross dresser.

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