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A young Sioux boy wonders about the origins of his name

He asks his brother, "Kicking Bird, who came up with our names?"

"I have no idea." says Kicking Bird.

The boy then finds his buddy and asks, "Ten Bears, where did our names come from?"

Ten Bears replies, "Beats me. Go ask one of the elders."

The boy finds his mother and a...

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God is everywhere

So a kid is having trouble pulling his wagon up to the hill where there was a tree to collect apples. A half hour passes, and he doesn't know what to do. So a Christian woman happens to pass by and stops to ask what he's doing.

"I'm having trouble. I'm trying to get this wagon up the hill to ...

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving

A young boy is playing with his toys on Thanksgiving. His mother walks in the room and asks him to put his toys away. She tells him his grandparents are on the way and asks if he can go check on his brothers and dad to see if they're ready. The little boy obeys and wonders off to his brothers room. ...

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner and all of the family is around.

A little boy wonders upstairs and stumbles upon his dad shaving. His dad slips shaving and cuts himself and exclaims "Shit!"

The little asks "Daddy what does that mean?"
The father replies " Oh, it is just means the shaving cream...

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