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Napoleon Bonaparte finds himself and his adjutant in the USSR

the year is 1960, and it's 9th of May - a national holiday of Nazi Germany defeat, with military parade, fireworks, etc.

They both are in a luxury box on the red square - right in front of the parade. USSR military are marching, warmachines and tanks are driving by in columns, fighter jets ar...

Barely anyone knows about Napoleon's younger brother

They were Bonaparte

Napoleon might be remembered for being short, but if there was one part of him the ladies remembered best... was the Bonaparte.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why did Napoleon stop masturbating?

He pulled his bonaparte.

How do the French study the skeleton?

They take your Bonaparte.

Why didn't Napoleon get his wish?

Because he couldn't pull the wish Bonaparte.

"Fake News, inevitably, will be the end of us all!"

- Napoleon Bonaparte after Buzzfeed posted an article titled "10 Shortest Dynasties (Literally)"

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