What will the 10th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise be called?


Your seat belts

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The sex position 69 will now be called 96

This is due to inflation, the cost of eating out increased.

What would the greatest hockey player in history be called if he would have chosen not to play hockey?

Wayne Regretzky

What will Post Malone's workplace be called?

Post office

When I was young, my father required me to play one specific song on the drum kit perfectly before I could be called a man

It was a cymbalic right-of-passage

If a mini quiz were called a “quizzicle,” what would a mini test be called?

A quiz. Get your mind out of the gutter.

If a Ghost Rider should be called Daredevil, and Daredevil should be called Batman, what should Batman be called?

Inspector Gadget

They used to be called 'jumpolines'...

...until your mom jumped on one

What would high definition be called if invented in Paris?

The French resolution!

Bugs in C code should be called fishes

Because fishes are found in the sea

Q: What would a Trans person be called if he/she has a child?

A: Transparent!

A musician specializing in bowed string instruments who has a boring play style could be called 'a dull fiddler'.

Which is not so bad until you read it out loud.

Mermaids shouldnt be called mermaids

they should be called hu-manatee

If Joe Biden's wife is called the First Lady, then what will his mother be called?

Joe mama.

Credit to u/Grignard_RMgX

Disney have announced they’re rebooting Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Ric Flair played the role of Eddie Valiant. It’s going to be called

Wooooooooo Framed Roger Rabbit

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What would a sadistic Sean Connery sex shop be called?

Lash But Not Leash

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The only "b" word a girl should be called is beautiful

Bitches love being called beautiful

What would Napoleon Bonaparte's fried chicken restaurant be called?

The French Fries

What would it be called if Bill Gates ever had a scandal?


If Bill Gates makes a COVID-19 vaccine what will it be called?

COVID-19 Defender XP.

What would RoboCop be called if he was a Transformer?

Stoptimus Crime

If a Cheetah made a rap group, what would it be called?


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Sex ed should be called

In person learning

What would the next Frozen movie be called if the princess was black?


As we were driving down the road, "Sweet Caroline" came on the radio. I said to my son, "Little known fact, Neil Diamond used to be called Neil Coal."

"Until the pressure got to him."

Cleveland has announced their baseball team will no longer be called "The Indians". It's about time.

Now we can finally call them the Cleveland Steamers.

What would Jeff Bezos’ currency be called?


Ready to feel old? Smashing Pumpkins’ "1979" came out in 1995, with 16 years between the title and the year of release. If it were written today it would be called

“March, 2020.”

A second Cash for clunkers program for electric cars would be called ...

Cash for Clunkers 2 Electric Boogaloo

What would a hammer be called in Minecraft?

MC Hammer

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What would Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia be called if it was done by Gen Z’s?

Vibe Czech

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NSFW: you could build a thousand bridges, but you will never be called a bridge builder

But suck just one cock...

Do you know what’s next year’s iphone would be call?

iPhone sssssssssss

What would a 19th century Russian sci-fi be called?

Tsar Wars.

If baby grand pianos just smaller versions of grand pianos, shouldn't they just be called...


If Katy Perry had a cat, what would it be called?

Kitty Purry

How would Metallica be called if they sold beds?

Nothing else matress

A man is sat in an airport bar, having a drink, waiting for his flight to be called...

As he is sitting there a stunning woman walks into the bar and sits on the bar-stool next to him. She's wearing a very smart uniform and the guy thinks "She must work for one of the top airlines".

He decides to find out which one by running some of their advertising slogans past her.


If I ever have a rave it'll be called the Beacons of Gondor

It's gonna be lit

After Generation Z, the next generation should be called generation AA

It would fit even better because they will be the generation to grow up with batteries inside everything.

If Jesus made cheese what would he be called?


As told to me by a very proud junior hamster who probably won't understand the hit my karma will take for sharing their joke.

What would IKEA be called if it was created by someone in the Soviet Union?


What would Donald Trump be called if he was a Sith Lord?

Taxi Vader.

What would the Terminator be called in his retirement?

The Exterminator.

If Black Panther and Storm had kids, what would they be called?

Thunder Cats.

I'm thinking about starting up a neurodivergent, mermaid-themed parody band of AC/DC. It's gonna be called


If you name your child jkmn, what will he be called!


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What would masturbating after smoking weed be called?


What would goldfish be called if they were a street drug?

The crack that smiles back

If the situation we’re in right now were an anime, what would it be called?

Your Lockdown in April

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If a raging boner was a girl, what it would be called


What would it be called if mass genocide were committed against Russians?

The alcoholocaust.

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If Al Gore tried his hand as a musician, his album would be called...


Girlfriend thought of this while doing dishes earlier.... I could hear her laughing to herself in the other room for almost 10 minutes.

My friend once told me that type O blood used to be called type 0 blood

I guess he just made a type - O

I don't think veterinarians should be called doctors.

They should be called dogtors.

If Al Gore had a band, it'd be called...

The Algorithms.

I'm sooooooooooo sorry for this. :(

What will The Last Airbender be called when he turns 50?


A garage should be called a Carage. And the parking spots closest to the door should be called CarKing spots.

Road rage should permanently be renamed to carnage.

New fast and the Furious movie should be called... 'Fast 10: Your Seat belts'

Source: Wife's Facebook... made me chuckle.

If Cardi B owned an automobile store what would it be called.

A Cardi-lership

What is the cybertruck’s factory to be called?

The rendering plant

If there was a television series about a Deadhead surgeon, what would it be called?

A: Touch Of Grey's Anatomy.

If Canada launched a space shuttle, what would it be called?

Apollo G

I feel like The Mandela Effect used to be called something else.

But I can't remember what.

Which is why I still refer to it as The Mandela Effect.

If Caitlyn Jenner wanted to play a marvel villain, what would she be called?


What will ISIS be called when they are defeated?


If two vegetarians get into a fight, would it still be called a beef?

Not sure, depends on what's at steak.

Just once, it would be nice to be called “Sir”

without also hearing “...we need to ask you to leave.”

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If I played video games for 8 hours, I'd be called a loser bum

But if I watched TV for 8 hours straight, people would just think I didn't have anything to do that day

If a recipe calls for you to turn off the heat and begin mincing your herbs to add to the dish, that step would be called:

Stop. Hammer thyme.

The date of a prisoner's freedom should be called a period

because it's the end of their sentence.

What would the Jackson 5 be called in the 1800s?

The Jackson 3.

If Forrest Gump ran a property management group, what would it be called?

New Tenant Dan

If a female fighter pilot shoots down a lot of enemy airplanes, she might plausibly be called a heroine.

But if she shoots up a lot of heroin, she will probably not be called an enemy airplane.

My new line of heavy duty adult diapers will be called pangaea pull-ups,

It's for the super-incontinent

Did you know that native Alaskans don’t like to be called Eskimos?


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If I was a meal I would be called large and sexy.

Hold the sexy extra large and side of no redeeming qualities.

Suicide Bombers don’t like to be called explosives

They self identify as fireworks

What would it be called if the Umbrella Academy had another sibling, and then triplets, but one of them was taller than the other 2?

2 number 9's and a number 9 large.

If King Kong ever went to China, he'd be called

Ching Chong

What would the Sisters of Mercy be called if they were Canadian?

Sisters of Merci.

Why does Sméagol like to be called Gollum?

It has a nice ring to it

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If Nintendo made a porno it would be called

Super Smash Bros

What would Zeus’s car be called?

Greece Lightning

My used store for prosthetics will be called

The Second Hand, Second Hand Store

What would a streaming service run by The Great Old One be called?


The game in the first episode of the new season of black mirror wasn't going to be called striking vipers

They wanted to call it Smash Bros but it was already taken

What would Newton be called if he ever went into space?

New, since the concept of weight does not exist in space.

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A condom store should be called...

Dicks Sporting Hoods.

What would Israel be called if it ever gets conquered?


What would it be called if you drove a stolen Tesla?


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