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Having big boobs is overrated

So, I myself have big boobs and I have no idea why people wish they had big boobs so badly. They're so annoying and don't look good and I've even been mocked for the size of my boobs. I wish I had small boobs and would happily exchange mine for smaller boobs, especially since I'm a dude.

I was having lunch a few minutes ago and I realized tofu is overrated.

It’s just a curd to me.

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Anal is so overrated.

It's a pain in the ass.

I saw an R-rated movie with no blood, no nudity and no profanity

It was a little overrated

My wife and I had a huge argument when she said Jim Morrison was overrated

I disagreed and she stormed out, I hate it when she slams the doors

Hindsight is overrated...

...20/19 was better

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Sex is overrated

I hope

I always thought that Orthopedic shoes were overrated

But I stand corrected.

Calling someone an “Einstein” is overrated.

Whenever someone acts smart around me, I just say, “Wow, you’re like a walking, talking, Steven Hawking.”

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Anal sex is overrated

It's just fucking shit

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Oral sex is overrated

I've tried it and it sucks

Botox is overrated.

It’ll never make headlines.

If 157 awards makes you an overrated actress, what does 6 bankruptcies make a businessman?

President of the United States

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A group of Native Americans are sitting around a campfire

A young brave asks the others, "When will I be given a name?"

"When you distinguish yourself in the tribe," answers Thundering Buffalo.

"Then the elders will recognize you with a name," says Rides By Moonlight.

"It is the proudest moment of a young brave's life," says Silent Wol...

Net neutrality is overrated. I can still access all the sites.

Besides, most of them are the same anyway, always showing only 404 and the like.

Your mom jokes are so overrated. They're done everywhere.

*Just like your mom*

I think our sun is highly overrated

At least the moon gives off a bit of light at night, the sun only shines in the day when it's already light.




Love is overrated

it's only 5 pts in Scrabble.

Truth is...

Honesty is overrated.

They say New York has the best New Years Eve Party

I’d say it’s overrated - every year they drop the ball

A dad sends his son to his room

"Go to your room!" Dad exclaimed, frustrated at his son's behavior.

"Jim Morrison is overrated!" yelled the son as he stormed down the hall.

The dad yelled furiously, "What did I tell you about slamming The Doors?!"

My Headmaster gave me head today

I guess she is overrated.

A dad and his daughter are having an argument...

The daughter gets really frustrated with the situation, and goes to leave the room. When she reaches the doorway, she turns around and blurts out "AND BY THE WAY, JIM MORRISON WAS OVERRATED!".


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After sticking a bunch of lipstick up my butt, I realized one thing.

Makeup sex is highly overrated.

Why the preference for 8/9 over it's decimal?


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Shouldn't have named my son "Rated"

Since he came out as gay, all men are overrated

Extreme sports

Five men walk into a pet store and buy a hen, a parrot and a budgie. The next day they head to the top of a cliff, where the first man grabs the hen and jumps off the cliff, falling to his death. The second man nervously clutches the parrot and proceeds to jump off the cliff with it as well, also re...

A father is yelling at his son for running in the house,

And of course, the boy talks back. Dad says "go to your room!"
His son replies with "Jim Morrison was overrated!"
"Dammit it boy" dad hollers,"what did I tell you about slamming the Doors?! "

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