I hate sports like cricket and baseball because all you do is hit and run over and over

if I wanted to hit and run I'd get in a car

Willie Nelson was just killed in a hit and run.

He was playing On the Road again.

The driver from a Hit and Run was arrested

Detective : okay buddy, walk me through the whole thing, from the top

Driver : it was snowing, the ground was slippery, I was, I was..

Detective : those are just excuses buddy.. Tell me, was this on purpose?

Driver : NO! I swear, I just lost control of the car and I was gonna hi...

What did the crow say when his friend got run over by a hit and run driver?

Caw the Cawps!

Backstory - my daughter just woke up telling me about her nightmare - I was driving her down a road, and kept running over crows in the road, she would look back and would see crows mourning over their friends. We had to keep driving back and forth through the same road because...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My car was near totaled in a hit and run today

It's a good thing I was already texting so I got a picture of the fuckers plate

How does Google's self-driving car get away with a hit and run?

By deleting it's search history

What do you call a psychic gnome that just committed a hit and run?

A small medium at large.

Does anyone else realize that baseball is actually illegal?

Hit and run is a felony.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A lawyer wins his first truly huge case with a multi-million dollar payoff.

He's flying high. He drives to the office the next Monday in shiny new threads with all of the most expensive trimming, driving the most expensive imported Bentley he can find. Everyone at the office needs to see this, he thinks, so he gets there super early to park right in front of the building,...

The Rich Man's Car Door

One day, a rich man was walking out from a store, and back to his Ferrari. He reached his car and opened the door. At that very moment, another passing car smashes into his car door, ripping it off its hinges, before zooming away.

Upset about the hit and run, the rich man quickly called the p...

I've only had one car accident in the last month.

It was a hit and run, so technically it doesn't even count.

They say the music you listen too is tied to your personality;I listen to Chris Brown.

Two counts of assault and one hit and run.

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