Husband and wife are in a bar when the wife sees her ex boyfriend

She says to her husband, ‘see that drunk, I turned down his proposal 10 years ago.
Husband looks at his wife, looks at the guy and sighs, ‘that explains why he is still celebrating’

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An ex boyfriend meets with the current boyfriend of that girl.

**Ex**: Hey bro, how does it feel like to fuck a used pussy?

**Current**: that's not so bad bro. Because after two inches it feels like all new.

My wife told me she had to dump her ex boyfriend to get married to me.

They haven't found the body yet.

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I used to work in an ER, one day my asshole ex boyfriend came in with some deep lacerations to his abdomen,

When I saw him I said, “you’ve got a lot of guts coming in here.”

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My wife just found out two of her Spanish ex boyfriends are actually brothers!

Turns out, she was wondering why the sex felt familia!

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Not the top shelf

So, the story goes that my (admittedly funny) ex boyfriend met a very attractive lady back in 1992 who worked at a large amusement park, as a stall holder of the type with the guns and the targets and the huge adult size cuddly bears on the top prize shelf. You know the kind, right?

However s...

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