Why did the hippie die out at sea?

Because he was too far out man.

Why did the dinosaurus die out?

Erreptile Disfunction.

Why did the dinosaurs die out.

They got ereptile dysfunction.

Why did the Triceratops die out?

Because they couldn't find any Tricerabottoms.

Antivax jokes just don't die out

Unlike those they're based on

A racist, a misandrist and a misanthropist kills Thanos

The racist, Tyrone, says: "I need it - so I can remove all the asian people. I really don't like them".

The misandrist, Evelyn, says: "No I need it more - so I can remove all men from existence!"

"Don't be silly! If you remove all the men, women will die out too!" Tyrone shout...

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