Marie-Antoinette heard of the starving karma farmers of reddit

“Let them have cake day”

Marie Antoinette could have avoided the French Revolution

Marie Antoinette could have avoided the French Revolution simply by issuing an edict the distribute bread among the poor.
However, she didn’t do that because you can’t have your cake and edict too.

To think, Louis and Marie-Antoinette almost won the French Revolution.

They were neck and neck.

Why couldn't Marie-Antoinette finish her last words?

She got cut off.

Marie Antoinette was surprised when she found out how she was being executed

Her Face dropped

One thing that you shouldn't say to Marie Antoinette

You left my head hanging in shame

What did Mary Antoinette say on this day in history?

Let them eat cake day!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So, apparently, Marie Antoinette was really good at oral sex...

In fact, the entire Third Estate wanted her head!

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