My response when someone asked me if I am into Gwen Stefani...

No Doubt.

I ran into Gwen Stefani on the street the other day

She said to me, “nice weather we’re having.”

I replied, “No Doubt.”

Hey, didja hear that Johnny Rzeznik and Stefani Germanotta are forming a new band?

They're going to call it "Googoo Gaga".

Gwen Stefani had gone missing! I was amung the search party looking to rescue her but after days of searching there was still no luck.

We traveled the streets searching and shouting for her. We contacted relatives to try to pinpoint her last known whereabouts and they all pointed to this town but yet she was nowhere. Almost a week had passed before a search and rescue dog located her trapped in a well right in the center of the tow...

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