What is Ravioli's favourite party game?

Pasta parcel

Party games are so different in the Star Wars galaxy...

For example on Earth you bob for apples, but on Tatooine you Bib Fortuna.

What is a crocodile’s favorite party game?

Swallow the leader!

What's a cow's favorite party game?

Moosical chairs.

Some people say that Nintendo has no 3rd party games...

They have obviously never heard of Mario Party 3

What’s the least popular party game in the Midwest?


What's a police officer's favorite party game?

Pin the murder on the black guy

Stephen King's Sons

When Stephen King’s twin sons were born, he had a hard time coming up with names for them. Finally, after several hours of thinking, he managed to pull a couple out of the air.

“I’ll name the first son Joseph, after my great-grandfather.”“Fine, and what about the other one?” His wife asked....

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