Please stop making jokes about little people

How would you feel if a bunch of giants made jokes about you?

What's it called when you try to appear PC by conspicuously including little people in your company's ad material


My wife asked me, “Don’t you find it strange how little people change?”

I said, “I think the process is the same, except for their tiny clothes.”

I've been doing my psychology PhD thesis on the mental health and wellbeing of little people. After 4 long years and multiple studies, I've concluded...

6 out of 7 dwarves aren't Happy.

What do you call a convention of little people?

A small get together.

Little people are often referred to as dwarves...

...but that's a misgnomer

What size of airplane would little people ride?


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3 little people were gathered around a Guinness World Record book, and they all wanted in.

The first looked at his hands and said "I have small hands! I bet I can get in with these guys!"

The second looked at her feet saying "hey, I have small feet! I bet I can get in for the smallest feet!"

The third looked at (you probably guessed it) his penis, saying "okay... I'm a shoe-...

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Saw some Little People marching for Sexual Health Awareness yesterday...

They were chanting “Stand Up for Blowjobs”.

Because of my social anxiety, I prefer to do things with very little people around me.

It makes me feel better being taller than everyone else.

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Three little people are sitting at a bar.

The first little person says, "I have pretty small feet, more so than anybody else I know. In fact, I think I could make the Guinness World Record for smallest feet."

The second says, "I have never met a grown man as short as I am. I think I'll go to apply with Guinness for the 'world's short...

Why do Little People hate the taste of alcohol?

Because they can't reach the top shelf.

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Mrs. Parker and Baroness Von Hildebrand

There's this woman, let's call her Mrs. Parker. She is on a flight from Frankfurt to London. She's tired, she's had a long day. She gets on the plane, goes to her seat in economy class, window seat. She makes herself comfortable and tries to get some sleep.

Another woman comes and sits next ...

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Why Darth Vader?

Since I was little people asked why did I want to be Darth Vader. Easy, I wanna be a villain so I can saunter everywhere. Luke is always sprinting somewhere, always running, always sweaty and on the move. You ever seen Darth Vader run? Fuck no, and I ain’t about to either.

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A little boy went up to his father and asked

"Daddy, if big people can have little people and big dogs can have little dogs, why can't big trains have small trains?" so his father replies, "I don't know son, why don't you ask your mother?"

So the child went to his mother, "Mommy, if big people can have little people and big dogs can hav...

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