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Why are there so many hospitals in the Punjab?

Nearly everyone is Sikh.

We need more hospitals and doctors in Punjab, India...urgently!

There are a lot of Sikh people out there

What's the best way to get a Punjab in India?

Hire a cunning linguist.
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What state in India is most famous for Covid injection dumb jokes?

Punjab, of course.

While the pandemic is going on

Villagers in Punjab are still wondering who the hell is Soshal Disdan Singh

Where can you find 6 easily?

Punjab, India.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Englishmen on a train

Heard this a long time ago, on a Lewis Grizzard comedy album. Thought you all would like it.

Two Englishmen brothers were riding the train through London when they saw a highly decorated officer in the British army sitting in the train car across from them.. The elder brother confers with t...

What's that feeling you get in your side when you hear a sikh joke?

The punjab

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Advice

In the province of Punjab, lived Joe- the most desirable man in the entire world. The prettiest women all around the world desired to have him, and Joe, who co-incidentally happened to be a big fan of The Office, was aware of the effect he had on women.

Joe was very clear that he wouldn’t le...

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