Two men were exploring a cave

One man saw a strange rock formation and said to his friend, "Hey, that thing is shaped like the number 69. What kind of rock do you think it's made of?"

"Gneiss," the friend said.

Some people hate geology jokes,

but I think they're pretty gneiss.

What’s step one to wooing a geologist?

Make sure you smell gneiss

My dad is a geologist and has been dating rocks for years...

His best advice is to just be gneiss and try not to be a little schist.

If the Rock had a brother and that brother had a daughter, what would that make her?

His gneiss.

I once met a rock

it was nice. Although he kept telling me he was Gneiss

A rock walks into a bar

The bartender tells him "we don't serve your kind here"

So the rock says: "Why not? I'm a gneiss guy!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I just got out of my Geology class.

We studied metamorphic rocks which was Gneiss.

A high schooler told his geology teacher that..

"geology rocks!"

The teacher's response?

"that's Gneiss, but it's too bad you're so schist at it"


Did you know that Santa Claus is both an arborist and a geologist?

He's gonna find out what's knotty or gneiss.

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