Which city has a lottery with a prize of free gigolo services?

Chicago. It's known as the Win D City

what do they call a gigolo from Czechia?

A stimulus check

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What did the gigolo with diarrhea say?

I can't tell if I'm cumming or going

What do Inspector Clouseau and a gigolo have in common?

They're both Peter Sellers.

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If men who have sex for money are called gigolos,

Are men who have sex for free working pro boner?

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A woman walks up to a gigolo in a bar.

She asks him his name. He says, "oh darling, you can just call me gamete." "Gamete, Why do you go by that?" She asks. The gigolo looks her up and down, winks and says, "sex sells."

What did the duck say to the gigolo?

Put it on my bill.

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Did you hear about the punctual gigolo?

His whole day runs like cockwork.

Richard Gere stars in American Gigolo.

...maybe it would be more appropriate if it starred Peter Sellers instead?

What do you call a cheap gigolo

A quarter pounder

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What do you call a gigolo you don't pay?

A Free Willy.

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My Cake Day penis joke:

A guy goes to the beach for vacation, and he really wanted to impress the ladies on the beach. He worked out a bunch, tanned in advance, and bought a tiny banana hammock bathing suit for himself.

Each day, he put on his tight budgie smuggler and began walking the beach, smiling at the bathin...

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A manager goes to pay for the stay of an employee at the hotel

A manager goes to pay for the stay of an employee at a hotel.

\- All right, it will be 70 euros for the stay, said the receptionist.

\- Very well, here is the money, answered the manager.

\- Uhm, actually your employee also used our mini bar which will be another 50 euros.

Gigolos are same as pentesters

They both get paid to get inside.

What do call a gigolo from Idaho?

A spud muffin.

What happens when you get more than you payed for with a Mexican Gigolo?

The second coming of Jesús.

What's the difference between a lawyer and a gigalo?

A gigolo only screws one person at a time.

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A famous surgeon...

...is taking patients, one at a time.

First one comes in:

-Doc, I got a problem. I am a professional discus thrower, but recently I lost both my hands in car accident! Help me, Olympic games are just next month!

-Sorry to hear it, but we don't have male hands right now, only f...

Euro stereotypes - classic

What's the difference between Heaven and Hell?

In Heaven:
the English are the cops; the French are the cooks; the Swiss are the bureaucrats; the Italians are the gigolos; the Germans are the mechanics.

In Hell:
the English are the cooks; the French are the bureaucrats; the Swiss...

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