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I got kicked out of the Karaoke bar last night for singing Danger Zone, then Footloose, then I'm Alright ...

...too many attempted Logging's...

Did you hear about that guy from Footloose cannibalising that girl from Wendy’s?

Kevin Bacon ate ‘er.

In an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, Hollywood remakes footloose for the Muslim and Jewish world

Its basically the same movie, just without Bacon

Why didn’t any Muslims watch Footloose ?

Because they can’t consume anything with Bacon in it.

How does Kevin Bacon escape from a bear trap?

He's gotta cut footloose

What would you call Kenny Loggins if he was severed at the ankle?


What's a leper's favorite musical?



The FBI seize a collection of pirated movies.

The movies were Footloose, dirty dancing, ferris bueller's day off, ghost busters and the breakfast club.

As the pirate sees his beloved movies taken away from him, he cries

"ARGH! Me eighties!"

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