A 3rd grade class goes to the swimming pool... (/r/AskReddit comments section liked it and I was told that you might like it, too)

*It's a joke I know in french. So I tried to translate it and did some improvments since my first comment, too:*

A 3rd grade class goes to the swimming pool.

The lifeguard asks to the class: "Does any one of you already know how to swim?"

Then the little Dimitri, all excited, an...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A blonde is sitting by a lawyer on a plane ride.

On the ride the lawyer gets a little borde, he notices the blonde sitting beside him looking the same way.
So he taps on the blonde's shoulder and asked her "do you want to play a game?"

The blonde knowing he was a lawyer with his briefcase and suit; gives a sigh and said "I think I'd rat...

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