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If you feel the Bern you should vote for Bernie Sanders

That way you can get a doctor to take a look at it

Feel The Bern?

Oh, I'm feeling it right about now.

People who feel the Bern but don't like the sensation have been voting instead for Hillary....

... or as they like to call her, Preparation H

How does Bernie Sanders stay so slim?

Inter-mitten fasting.

I was talking to my parents over dinner, my Mom said she was getting tired of the Bernie Sanders memes.

I looked over to her and said "Don't worry, this trend will Bern out soon."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call a Jew who is terrible with money?

Bernie Sanders.

They locked down and instituted a curfew in the capital of Switzerland.

It's a controlled Bern.

Bernie Sanders confronted the head of the NSA and asked him why they are still illegally surveilling Americans.

The guy replied, “Some people just like to watch the world, Bern.”

I saw where Sanders withdrew from yet another Presidential race after he worked so hard to get where he was...

The Bern out is real

After being elected President, Bernie Sanders confronted...

...General Keith B. Alexander (the head of the NSA) and asked him on what grounds he wanted to continue observing the American people's cell phone/internet communications.

The General sighed and shook his head. "Some men just want to watch the world, Bern."

What do they call the Bernie Bros now that hes lost the nomination?

Back to being plain ol' BernOuts

Hillary Clinton is in the hospital...

She is being treated for third degree Berns.

Former presidential candidate Senator Sanders falls ill. What do you call him?

A sick Bern.

I told my Dad I was voting for Bernie Sanders...

He responded, "So you want to see America be destroyed?"

I said, "No, I want to watch it Bern."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Politics now a days....

On my college campus people write "feel the bern" everywhere so i decided to give Hilary some love and wrote "feel the clit" everywhere! I don't see the problem

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