Why can’t Severus Snape be a herbology teacher?

He can’t keep the lilies alive.

Why can Severus Snape never become a gardener

His lilies always die

Once upon a time there was an incredible Gardener.

So the amazing thing about this gardener is that he always knows exactly how many bags of mulch he needs for a job, just by looking. Like he gets it right, every time. He’s the best. So one day, he looks at a yard he’s working on and he’s like… 18 bags. So he goes to the store, buys 18 bags of mulch...

A boy asks his Redditor father about his older sister.

Boy: "Daddy, why is my sister's name Lily?"

Dad: "Because your mother loves lilies".

Boy: "Thanks, dad".

Dad: "No problem, Reposti".

Harry Potter joke

Q. Why can't Snape teach Herbology?
A. He can't keep the lilies alive.

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