I haven't heard anything from Lara Croft recently.

She's really gone off the raider.

What type of underwear does Lara Croft wear?

Fruit of the tomb

What was Lara Croft doing on the cliff?

Hanging out, mostly.

Say what you want about the graphics for Lara Croft's bosom in the original Tomb Raider

At the time, they were cutting edge.

I must be Lara Croft

My life is in ruins

What do you call a pregnant Lara Croft's husband?

A Womb Raider!!!

PS: Quarantine = Time for Dad jokes

In an alternate universe, Lara Croft works in an abortion clinic...

She is called the Womb Raider

What was Lara Croft’s response to Ezio when he asked why she wouldn’t sleep with him?


Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and Nathan Drake walk into an ancient temple that has been lost for centuries.

They blow it up.

What would you call Laura Croft if she worked at Planned Parenthood?

Womb Raider

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