I dared to ask my wife why she’s buying a giant tub of Whiteout from the store.

Big mistake.

Last night I reached for my medicine and accidentally drank from a bottle of whiteout.

I woke up this morning with a huge correction.

How can you tell a Blonde has been using your computer?

There's Whiteout on the screen.

How can you tell a second blond was using it?

There's writing on the whiteout.

So my wife just hit me with a "mom joke".

She says, "oh look, there's whiteout conditions in Washington D.C. I bet Will Smith is gonna boycott"!

A story from a factory

One day, this guy's at work at a factory that makes glue and whiteout. These two substances are stored in these large vats. One day, the guy falls into one of the vats. His supervisor comes to help and the two start a conversation:

Guy: I'm okay. I just fell into the vat of glue.


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