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I’d like to die like my father died….

My father died fucking. My father was 57. The woman was 18. My father came and went at the same time.

- Richard Pryor

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Richard Pryor: I got famous for saying "motherfucker". Sam Jackson: I also got famous for saying "motherfucker".

Oedipus: You guys are all talk.

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor?

One got burned for Pepsi, the other got burned for coke."

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Need help finding a particular Richard Pryor joke.

I was watching some Louis CK stand up and he ended it with a joke about after sex, if done right, women won't say anything. I know I've seen Richard Pryor do that same bit and I want to show my friend. I think the punch line is something to the effect of "If you fuck her right afterward she don't ...

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My favourite Richard Pryor joke

(paraphrased) Two black guys are argueing about who has the biggest cock. They agree to go into the woods (for privacy) so that they can whip them out and compare. On the way there, they have to cross a bridge and they both decide that they need to pee. They take opposite sides of the bridge and ...

This year in Heaven the Christmas celebration was also a costume party. Everyone dressed up.

Many people came as movie characters, from Gandalf the Grey (and White) to Jason Bourne to Black Widow to Harry Potter. Alan Rickman went as Hans Gruber, which made St. Peter exclaim "See, Die Hard IS a Christmas movie!" St. Peter was dressed as the "Fragile" lamp from A Christmas Story. Moses showe...

You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands

For instance if they're placed around your throat she's probably upset.

Richard Pryor

My friend said my taste in dark humor is really messed up.

I think he's just racist; Pryor, Rock, and Chappelle are legends.

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Two black guys walking across the Golden Gate bridge

They see the water, and both realize they need to take a piss. They stand on the edge, and start going. One turns to the other and says, "Goddamn this water is cold!" The other one responds, "Yeah, and it's deep, too!"

rip Richard Pryor

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