Always plead idiocy, if you can provide evidence.

It's foolproof!

Pavlov's Dog

After we finished the pop quiz in our psychology class, our teacher allowed us to quietly talk amongst ourselves. A group of us were discussing the idiocy of Pavlov's dog and how pairing a stimulus with a conditioned response seemed illogical in the real world. Then the bell rang, and we all headed ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So a soldier tells his superior officer "Sir, I can shit on command!"

Superior officer says "OK, Take a shit soldier!"

the soldier looks deep into his eyes, looks horrified for a moment, and then runs away.
The superior officer, dumbfounded, decides to brush it off as idiocy and decides to go back to work, until his boss bursts in through the door.

It’s a shame coronavirus affects the infirm and elderly most

If it affected idiocy instead there’d be a lot more toilet paper available

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