I've been coughing and sneezing all day and now I can't stop singing old Frank Sinatra songs.

I think I've got crooner virus.

A famous film director announces that he wants to make a movie called The Life of Frank Sinatra...

... He also announces, in a strange twist, that he'll be holding open auditions for the lead role. Now this young, up-and-coming actor hears about this chance, and thinks to himself, "Oh man, this is my chance for a big break!" So he hires the best acting coach he can find and goes to him with some ...

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An upcoming director, Tim, is having dinner with two prestigious producers in a fancy restaurant.

The director sees Frank Sinatra in the distance walking into the men's bathroom. The director excuses himself and goes in after him.

As Frank pees in one of the urinals the director approaches him and says, “Mr Sinatra, I'm sorry to bother you, but there are two producers I'm trying to impre...

“To be is to do”—Socrates. “To do is to be”—Jean-Paul Sartre.

"Do be do be do”—Frank Sinatra.

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A drunk man is at a bar and says that he can fart the Star Spangled Banner... (Nsfw)

The bartender says "go ahead!"

The man stands on the bar completely naked and proceeds to shit all over the bar.

The bartender says "What the hell did you do that for?"

The drunk then says "C'mon! Even Frank Sinatra has to clear his throat before a performance!"

It was socretes who once said "to be is to do" and Jean - Paul Sartre who said "to do is to be"

And finally it was Frank Sinatra who said "do-be-do-be-do"

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Performance In Bed

Accountants do it with Double Entry

Acupuncturists do it with a small prick

Ambulance Drivers come quicker

Australians do it Down Under

Bankers do it with Interest

Bartenders do it on the Rocks

Chess Players check their Mates

Cops do it with H...


To do is to be. -Descartes

To be is to do. -Voltaire

Do be do be do. -Frank Sinatra

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