Why did Ben Shapiro go on a diet?

To destroy the lbs.

(Politics) Why would it be unsafe to board a plane with Ben Shapiro?

He'd destroy the Left Wing.

What’s Ben Shapiro’s favorite game?

Mad Libs.

Ben Shapiro definitely has one thing going for him.

He never has to sleep in the wet spot.

Ben Shapiro dies in a plane crash. Wanna know why it crashes?


Why does Ben Shapiro hate NASCAR?

Because the cars only turn left

Why did Ben Shapiro become a dentist?

Because plaques don’t care about your fillings.

Old Soviet Joke #2

At a local Party meeting the Chairman concludes his speech and asks if there are any questions. No one says anything until Shapiro raises his hand.

"I have three questions, Comrade Chairman. First, where have all our cattle gone? Second, where has all the meat from the cattle gone? Third, whe...

Ben Shapiro didn’t get my last joke...

He’s a dry guy

Why doesn’t Ben Shapiro like winter time?

Because of the snowflakes

Why can’t Ben Shapiro fly an airplane?

He always destroys the left wing.

Whats Ben Shapiro's favourite rapper?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is the opposite of a female orgasm?

Ben Shapiro.

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