Why does Ben Shapiro hate NASCAR?

Because the cars only turn left

I wish i never get in the plane with Ben Shapiro.

He would destroy the left-wing.

Ben Shapiro dies in a plane crash. Wanna know why it crashes?


Ben Shapiro didn’t get my last joke...

He’s a dry guy

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is the opposite of a female orgasm?

Ben Shapiro.

Why doesn’t Ben Shapiro like winter time?

Because of the snowflakes

What is Ben Shapiro’s favorite game to play with friends?


Ben Shapiro was loyal to Steam

All his friends, family, and co-workers knew that Ben would defend Steam in any argument, claiming it to be the superior game launcher, and the only one people should use. His loyalty was unmoving, and even gained him some branding deals with Valve.

One day while Ben was on his comput...

Why can’t Ben Shapiro fly an airplane?

He always destroys the left wing.

Whats Ben Shapiro's favourite rapper?


Did you get something wet today?

Then your name is not Ben Shapiro.

Three prisoners were taken to the warden for bad behavior in the prison yard

The three prisoners were brought before the warden after causing trouble out in the prison yard. The warden ordered each of them to receive 3 lashes as punishment. However the warden was still somewhat a kind man and said to them “you each get three lashes but you can put something on your backs if ...

I went to the Dentist today

Do Ben Shapiro's facts care about my fillings?

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