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Did you hear about Salvador Dali’s brother who was a really good boxer?

His name was Muhamma

I met a girl from El Salvador. I told her she was El salvAdorable...

But she said she's heard that a Brazilian times.

What does Salvador Dalí eat for breakfast?

Usually just a bowl of surreal.

What do you call Salvador Dali after multiple homicide?

A surreal killer.

What was Salvador Dalí’s favorite breakfast meal?

Surreal with milk

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

You have two cows..

USA: You have two cows. You outsource a farm to milk them and sell the milk to those who can afford it. You then use the profit to buy someone else's cow for your butcher to make steak with.

Russia: You have two cows. When you get sober you remember that the mafia took them away from you, so ...

What did the surrealist butcher name his shop?

Salvador Deli

I want to start a cafe and fill it with surrealist paintings.

I'll call it Salvador Deli.

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