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Different sayings same thing

1. Having a threesome with a couple of no-shows.

2. DJ the VJ.

3. Dopamine farming.

4. Double clicking your mouse.

 5. Badgering the witness.

6. Summoning the semen demon.

7. Blood bending.

8. Shaking hands with the unemployed.

9. Making Jesus ...

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What do you call masturbating in French?

Menage a moi.

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What do you call it when three A-Sexuals spend the night together.

A menage et '*Nah*'

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I'm no longer a virgin. Last night I finally had sex for my first time! I experienced a menage a trois! We performed great, all three of us: Me, Myself, and I.

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A man hits his ball into the woods while golfing..

As he enters the woods he sees a leprechaun so he grabs that fucker by the arm. He tells the leprechaun, "I want my three wishes". The leprechaun agrees but explains to the man he is not a normal leprechaun and that for every wish he is granted his ex-wife will receive twice the wish. He thinks for ...

This is what I learned from Russian Literature

Alright so 2 guys and 1 girl are stranded on a island

If they were French then they would have a "menage a trois" and get along just fine.

If they were English then they would be mad at each other because none of them were properly introduce.

And if they were Russian then the gi...

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