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Of all the experiences in my life, I think I can honestly say that getting struck in the hippocampus

was the most forgettable.

Where do seahorses go to school?

At the Hippocampus.

The hippocampus is like the Martin Luther King Jr. part of the brain because it's always like ...

I have a dream!

In animal college, where's the best place to make memories?

The hippocampus.

Where do Brain Surgeon Students go to study?

The Hippocampus

Why did the neurologist go to an African animal university?

He wanted to study the hippocampus.

Which region of your brain is always worried about watching it’s weight?

The hippocampus

Fred is a hippo who goes to a University where everyone is a hippo

One day, someone asked Fred where to find the medical building. Fred replied, "Its over there and to the left. I do brain research in there."

Fred is an expert on the hippocampus.

Hello, I'm looking for the school of animal neurology.

Ah, you'll want to visit the hippocampus then.

Where do you find fat students and faculty?

In the hippocampus.

Did you hear a med school is accepting animals as students?

They're calling it the hippocampus.

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