[WP] You are an assassin in WWII trying to find a German defector on a U-boat. Unfortunately you got a little lost on the dock...

Whoops, wrong sub.

[WP] You're stuck in 2nd person and you can't get out.

Help you. Help you. Please, help you before it's too late.

[WP] You are a candidate running for a seat in the senate, the day before the election you body slam a reporter.

Election Day comes and goes and you end up the winner! There are no repercussions and, in fact, it makes you even more popular among your base.

"How does it feel to live without the Internet?"

I met an Amish man who gave me a ride when my car was broken down.

Me: "So, what's it like to live without the internet?"

Amish Man: "Pretty swell. I just get pictures of your mom through the mail."

[OH SNAP!](http://reactiongif.org/wp-content/uploads/GIF/2014/08/GIF-amazing-cla...

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