Keto is healthy!

*Drinks bottle of Ranch Dressing*

You: Would you like a keto burger?

My anaconda: No.

What do you call an insect with a high fat diet?

A mosKeto!

A Vegan, Jehovah Witness and Keto Trainer walk into a bar...

* Everybody Leaves *

I told my doctor I wanted to start a vegan keto diet.

She told me "that's nuts."

A man who has been doing keto for five years cheats his diet at a party.

His friend, shocked, asked him if it was hard for him to do.
The man replied, "it was a piece of cake".

Why didn't Sir Mix-A-Lot eat anything at the Keto cookout?

He don't want none unless they got buns, hun.

What do you call a bunch of Muslims on a low carb diet?

A Mosque-Keto

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